Parrot and Rapid Imaging brings AR situational awareness to professional drone users – Geospatial World

Parrot, the leading European drone group, has announced its partnership with Rapid Imaging – a technology provider delivering geospatial augmented reality (AR) and situational awareness solutions to government and enterprise users.

This partnership pairs Parrot ANAFI USA, ANAFI platform drones, and the FreeFly SDK with Rapid Imaging’s SmartCam3D® SDK, the industry-leading geospatial Augmented Reality and situational awareness platform for Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

The SmartCam3D® SDK is easy-to-integrate, providing a turn-key solution for UAS Platform Providers seeking to enrich their offerings with geospatial augmented reality and situational awareness tools. Available features include geospatial AR, allowing users to enjoy a “Google Maps-like” experience but with live drone video as the background layer as opposed to a satellite image, granular declutter options, allowing users to select the types of map entities displayed on their live video feed, custom GIS data…