One of the amazing things about drone technology is how people have quickly found other applications for its use. And one of those areas that really grabs our attention? Hoverboards.

Drone technology continues to improve by leaps and bounds. It seems there are always better flight controllers, more powerful batteries, more efficient motors. And it’s never long before someone smart takes that same technology and applies it elsewhere. In the example we’re about to see, it’s hoverboards that can carry an adult.

And that you’ll soon be able to buy.

Take flight

We have no idea what the regulations are around hoverboards, but suspect this may well become a topic of conversation before long. Why? Because we’re starting to see more videos of these devices. This one, from a TikTok user, caught our attention:

And that got us looking at Hunter Kowald’s TikTok account. The entrepreneur, who is about to market this hoverboard (and, in fact, already is with these videos),…