“Be Prepared” may be their motto, but nobody prepared Girl Scout troops to sell cookies in the middle of a pandemic. So now, they’ve turned to drone delivery.

This cookie-selling season has been hard on Girl Scout troops. Foot traffic is missing at the local hotspots. Going door-to-door in their neighborhoods or camping outside grocery stores is not feasible. And with many people still working from home, taking order forms to parents’ workplaces is also not an option.

Flowing with the times

The girls in uniform have been quick to adapt. They have taken to promoting unique sales links on social media apps, partnered with food delivery platforms, and set up “virtual cookie booths” online to tempt folks with Thin Mints, Samoas, and Tag-alongs.

The sales, however, are still down. This is why the Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline has reached out to Google-developed drone delivery company Wing.

Future drone pilots?

Wing has been operating a commercial drone delivery…


Source: dronedj.com