Autel Smart Controller – Better In Every Way

Autel just released a Smart Controller for it’s EVO II Series of drones and you need to seriously check this thing out. Like the EVO II Series of drones, it does EVERYTHING better than DJI’s equivalent.

Back at CES2020 in Las Vegas, the Autel EVO II Series of drones was the first product we wanted to see. If you’re not familiar with the EVO II series, you can get the full run-down here. EVO II is a power-house folding quadcopter that has category leading battery life and video quality. Both better than DJI’s Mavic 2 Pro by a wide margin.

When EVO II was launched it came with a folding controller very similar to what DJI offers with their products. For many users, that’s not ideal because pairing a smartphone comes with the potential for a whole other set of glitches and challenges…and it’s why we’re such big fans of the DJI Smart Controller.

This week, Autel decided it was time to give EVO II a great…