Information technology company IBM is joining forces with Dronehub, a Poland-based manufacturer of drone-in-a-box systems, to automate drone inspection missions with machine learning and AI solutions.

Unmanned aerial vehicles and artificial intelligence are considered a match made in technology heaven. And not without reason.

AI-powered technology for drone operations

Drones generate vast amounts of data. Managing these data volumes efficiently is necessary for any company that wants to provide real-time analysis of drone data at scale. And this is where AI server infrastructure options come in.

Further, identifying objects from drone data, counting and segmenting the objects of interest, and detecting changes in them over time are tasks that are both monotonous and labor-intensive, as well as extremely time-consuming. By helping to automate all these tasks, AI technologies have proven to be a game-changer for drone applications.

What does IBM and Dronehub’s partnership…