Some owners of DJI’s flagship sub-250 gram drone, the Mini 2, are reporting an issue with the its batteries. Apparently in some cases, these intelligent batteries are not discharging if left in the drone or the factory smart charger.

There’s no doubt the Mini 2 is an amazing drone for the company. With 4K video and the ability to shoot RAW stills all packed into a sub-250 gram frame, this drone is – hands down – the best available drone in its price category. With a maximum flight time of 31 minutes in ideal conditions, and video transmission range of 10 kilometers, there’s not really anything else out there that can touch it. We love this thing.

But, apparently, there’s an issue.

Battery discharging

DJI is generally great at battery management. If you have a fully charged battery sitting around, it will discharge itself to optimal storage levels. This helps maximize the life of your drone battery and also help ensure it won’t become unstable. You know that…