DJI Mavic Air LG G5 Friends 360 degree camera drone

Drones can be great tools for capturing 360 degree images, today we want to find drones with dedicated 360 degree cameras. These are the drones that forgo stitching multiple images together through software, instead using hardware to capture the shot.

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Believe it or not, this is going to be a short list. A very short list. Update: We haven’t been searching all that hard, but we do keep our eye out for drones with 360 degree cameras, thing is, it’s now July of 2020 and we know of no current, viable drone with an official 360 camera. There are some out there, but this tech is proving to not be popular from the sky. We will update this article again when a new drone shows up on radar, but for now, this is our last frequent update to this list.  

Jonathan Feist, Drone Pilot
Jonathan Feist

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