Think back – way back to December 2019. At that time, Zero Zero Robotics released a video. It showed CGI of a forthcoming drone called the V-Coptr Falcon. And wow, was it cool.

The world of drones has been dominated by a standard design: The quadcopter. There are plenty of flight controllers available for this design, which works very well. So when Zero Zero Robotics released video showing a very different type of drone, it grabbed our attention. The design used but two motors, with a promised flight time of 50 minutes.

That’s amazing.

Where is it?

When the V-Coptr Falcon was first announced, Zero Zero Robotics was taking pre-orders. We can’t recall the exact price, but think it was either $899 or $999. We remember this because we thought the design was pretty ingenious, and considered putting in an order. After all, who wouldn’t want 50 minutes of flight time?