3D Models on Mobile Devices Pix4d viDoc RTK Rover

Photogrammetry experts Pix4D has launched survey-grade 3D modeling on mobile devices with RTK accuracy. The viDoc RTK rover enables ground-based RTK-grade 3D scanning with iOS mobile phones and tablets through the Pix4Dcatch app.

“Conceived by viGram GmbH., a German company led by professional surveyors, the viDoc RTK rover is designed with an eye for accuracy and works with Pix4Dcatch for image acquisition,” says a Pix4D product announcement. “The hand-held RTK rover is a replacement for more expensive ground surveying equipment that does not compromise on accuracy to achieve 3D, actionable results.”

“The viDoc RTK rover, synchronized with Pix4Dcatch, geotags the images of a 3D scan in real-time, while connected to any NTRIP service. Extensive research has revealed that it is possible to achieve 3D models with an absolute geolocation accuracy of less than 5 cm (check the white paper here).”

Christoph Strecha, Founder and CEO of Pix4D, comments:  “We are happy to…