A super yacht nearly overwhelms a Dutch canal as it travels out to sea.

This will likely remind you of the unfortunate blockage in the Suez canal last month. But while there was never any serious danger or threat to trade, a drone shows how a super yacht nearly overwhelms a Dutch canal.

It’s just a few feet short of the length of a football field. The super yacht “Viva” travelled very slowly through the tiny canals that wend through Holland to the North Sea. Drone videographer Tom van Oossanen chased the ship for three days from its shipyard on Kaag Island through Gouda and Rotterdam

The 310-foot long super yacht looks immense travelling through the quaint Dutch villages. And it is. But for perspective, Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Yacht Britannia was one hundred feet longer. And the Ever Given that blocked the Suez canal in March did so with a length of 1,312 feet of nautical steel. Still, the Viva is a whole lot of ship and it took two tugboats to delicately guide her. At some…