La Soufriere causes chaos. Drones show the volcanic damage.

Iceland’s Fagradalsfjall volcano causes a sensation, but La Soufriere causes chaos. In a new video, drones show how daunting the cleanup will be in St. Vincent and the Grenadines once the Caribbean mountain finally stops erupting.

The prime minister appealed for international assistance to help with trauma caused by the eruptions. About 20,000 people were taken from the area nearest La Soufrière to the north side of St. Vincent after the mountain began erupting on April 9.  In some areas, ash is a meter deep, turning the lush land into a slag heap.

There are no fatalities, but the estimated 100 million cubic meters of ash caused extensive damage to agriculture, homes, and the island’s tourism industry.

 ”The lives and livelihoods of our people have been terribly affected,” says Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves.  ”We are in a dire situation, frankly.” He estimates rebuilding will run to the…