First time flying a drone? Don’t make these mistakes


We’ve all done it, we immediately tried to take to the sky with a new drone, promptly crashing. It is easy to make a mistake flying your new quadcopter, so here are a few of the most common errors and what we recommend you do to avoid them.

Luckily, the majority of mistakes on our list are the sort of common sense stuff that will make perfect sense to avoid when you recognize the situation. The problems may be straight-forward, but you might be surprised at how and when they show up — allow us to help you prepare for most potential eventualities from the sky.

In addition to previous changes to the FAA’s drone regulations, you are now required to display your drone registration number on the outside of your drone. Marker, sticker or engraving, however you want to affix it, just make sure it’s visible. Further, the FAA now also requires you to receive authorization before you fly in controlled airspace, check out the list of apps that provide LAANC authorization for both…