Photo of XMRC M9 drone

At a glance, excepting some minor design changes, there are not many differences between the XMR/C M9 and the XMR/C M10. Both come with an optional laser obstacle avoidance system, a 6K camera with a 3-axis gimbal, and a top range of 1200 meters.

With folded arms, the aircraft measures 11.5×17.5x7cm and weighs 450 grams. During night flights you will be assisted by four LED lights – two under the front motors and two on front of the fuselage.

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According to the technical specs, the 2 cells 3000 mAh LIPO pack allows about 25 minutes of flight time. The battery can be conveniently recharged using the included micro USB cable.

Main parts of XMRC M9 drone

In addition to the 3-axis mechanical stabilization, the XMRC M9’s camera features electronic image stabilization (EIS). The camera can take 5700*4275 photos and record 2688*1512@25fps videos.

Thanks to the fail-safe RTF function in case of low battery voltage or RC signal…