Sony has just given us another glimpse of its forthcoming Airpeak drone. And it has incredible wind resistance.

It’s been a while since Sony’s Airpeak drone crossed our radar. The forthcoming Sony drone is built largely as an aerial cinematography rig, using a Gremsy gimbal to carry whatever camera (within weight limits) the customer chooses. Now, the company has released a new video showing the drone being tested in a wind tunnel.

And it’s impressive.

Powerful motors

Sony put the drone to the test in a wind tunnel in Japan. A massive wind tunnel facility. The goal here was to see how well the drone would hold up under growing windspeeds, and when it would start to struggle. Let’s just hop right in and look, because we know you want to see this:



Toward the end, you can see that the drone hits a maximum speed on the video of 19.5 meters per second. It goes by quickly, so here’s a…