The US military wants to deploy a network of surveillance drones to keep an eye on small, unmanned aerial vehicles in urban cities. And it is looking for an organization to further test and develop its signal processing algorithms.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is a branch of the US military that is responsible for the development of emerging technologies for national security. In 2016, DARPA started working on a novel counter-drone technology program.

Called Aerial Dragnet, the program would enable widespread surveillance of small drones operating below 1,000 feet in densely-populated US cities.

Working on the premise that small drones could carry explosives and pose a serious threat to national security, the idea was to map and track all low-flying small drones. But since small drones aren’t exactly easy to track among skyscrapers, DARPA decided to fight fire with fire.

Essentially, we’re using drones to find drones.

Paul Zablocky, Program…