Get Amazon’s #1 best-selling camera drone for $57 thanks to a rare double discount

If you rattle off a list of the top consumer electronics companies you can think of, the brand “Snaptain” definitely won’t make the cut. That said, it’s a name you won’t soon forget once you actually try one of the company’s awesome quadcopters. As a matter of fact, despite doing almost no marketing or advertising, Snaptain is the maker of the #1 best-selling quadcopter drone on Amazon’s whole website right now. That’s no easy feat when you consider how many drones are being sold on Amazon at any given time.

Various popular drones from Snaptain offer terrific value that undercuts comparable quadcopters, but there’s just one particular model we want to focus on today. It’s the #1 best-selling Snaptain S5C 2K Camera Drone, which is on sale at a great price right now thanks to a rare double discount at Amazon.

This popular quadcopter retails for $70, so it’s pretty easy to see why it’s the best-selling model on Amazon right now. Comparable quadcopters can easily…