This autonomous precision landing solution for the DJI Mavic series will guarantee that your drone docks perfectly every time, and we have got a video to prove it.  

For drone box manufacturers, a reliable precision landing solution is an important piece of the technology puzzle. When it comes to getting a drone to land precisely on the box for charging or battery swap, a failure rate of even one in 100 landings is unacceptable.

This means a drone-in-a-box system manufacturer can never be too careful, even while working with a drone that comes with built-in precision landing capabilities, such as the mighty DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

And so, California-headquartered software provider FlytBase has come out with a plug-and-play solution that would ensure that your DJI Mavic series drones land inside the box — every single time.

Just see the time-lapse video below that shows 20 consecutive landings executed using their FlytNow precision landing module: