We’re going to have to take a trip to Iceland. The videos we’re seeing come back from that volcano are just so stunning. And we’ve only been on a volcano twice.

Many years go, my wife and I had a brief break from working in Moscow. We flew to Italy, and then took a train to Sicily (yes, the train cars go on a ferry). While there, we decided to go stay on an island with a volcano for a night or two. We were planning to go to the island of Stromboli. But then someone shook his head: “Stromboli stinky,” he said. “No go Stromboli.” And so we went to the nearby island of Vulcano, which was also stinky. But it was still pretty cool to see a semi-active volcano.

But it was nothing, nothing, like what’s going on in Iceland.

An eruption of videos

The Fagradalsfjall volcano first erupted on March 19 and began oozing lava on April 9. Since then, we’ve seen some spectacular drone videos, including one that melted a Mavic 2 Pro and another we thought was beautifully…


Source: dronedj.com