The CIRC Drone-in-a-Box Solution Lands in Europe

CIRC drone-in-a-box

Automated drone solutions are among the fastest growing sectors in the commercial drone industry.  Now, the CIRC drone-in-a-box solution has arrived in Europe as a new player in the field.

Based in Taiwan, Coretronic Intelligent Robotics Corporation (CIRC), is already established in Asia as a specialist AI drone-in-a-box (DIB) provider, offering services for the security, inspection, and emergency response verticals.  “CIRC is one of the only high-volume manufacturers with drone capabilities outside of China – so partners benefit from economies of scale, free from political sensitivities,” says a company press release. “Their R&D teams can design and manufacture bespoke solutions or provide ready to deploy, off the shelf solutions.”

The CIRC drone-in-a-box solution provides 5 different drone model options for different applications: security or inspection, surveying, delivery, mobile deployment, and long range vertical take-off and landing (VTOL).  2 different…