We’ve been seeing some great videos online that show exactly what the Air 2S is capable of when it comes to aerial imaging. It can do a lot.

DJI launched its Air 2S with the tagline: All in One. That’s a reference to both its 1-inch CMOS imaging sensor, as well as the wide variety of features the company has packed into this 595-gram package. We’ve done some flying with this drone (check out our review and video here), and we’re impressed. And while I’m a decent pilot, I don’t have immediate access to the kinds of vistas where a drone like this can really shine.

So we thought we’d show you what the Air 2S can do in the hands of a real pro.

Two Air 2S videos

DJI has released a new video showing what this $999 drone can do. The video is simply called “Opportunity.” It features some great scenery and flying, as well as (we suspect) some post-production color grading. But wow – does it look good. Here you go:


Source: dronedj.com