NetworkCoverageWhile the U.S. chose not to go the route of networked Remote ID, Europe went a different way in developing their UTM program, U-Space.  The newly published NetworkCoverage Service Definition will help European drone operators, aviation systems, and telcos communicate: and the European drone industry to advance towards complex operations.

Connecting the Dots – Network Solutions Enabling Complex Operations in Europe & Beyond

By: Dawn M.K. Zoldi, Guest Contributor

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) surprised many in the U.S. drone industry when their final remote identification (RID) rule went live in late 2020. It lacked the originally proposed networked solution, but left the door open for it. In the meantime, across the pond in February 2021 the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) mandated networked ID as part of U-Space, the unmanned traffic management (UTM) system that fits into the EU regulatory scheme (see previous U-Space coverage here).

The latest achievement…