Iris Automation Casia X Detect and Avoid for Drones

Iris Automation Casia XThe Iris Automation Casia® X is the next evolution of Iris’ onboard detect and avoid system for drones.

Ground-based detect and avoid systems are difficult to move and to scale.  The Iris Automation onboard detect and avoid system uses 360° radial detection, using computer vision technology.  The new Casia X is “an evolution of the Casia product line,” says a company press release.  In addition to newly improved software reliability, the Casia X offers a new architecture supporting camera configurations from one to six units; increased detection performance, and visual aircraft encounter replay tooling and log files.

The Iris Automation Casia onboard detect and avoid system is being tested in programs around the world, including the FAA’s BEYOND program to advance BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) operations: Iris has partnered with four participants in BEYOND, including the City of Reno, Kansas Department of Transportation, University of Alaska Fairbanks, and…