Well, this post is a delight to write: We’ve hired a great new writer, and she has a ton of experience writing about drones and other related technologies.

We’re on a mission here at DroneDJ: To provide quality writing and journalism. We also like to do that from a position of expertise, so we’re very pleased to have a new writer join the team. Her name is Ishveena Singh, and she’s a tremendously experienced drone and tech writer, including bylines with DJI’s Enterprise blog, Geospatial World, GeoConnexion, The Times of India… and much, much more.

Let’s say hello.

Ishveena Singh

If some of you recognize that byline, that’s not surprising. Ishveena has been at this since 2014, with a special interest in drones and GIS (Geographic Information System) applications. So she already knows more than most of us likely ever will about GIS and all the amazing things that can now be done for Enterprise applications.

Ishveena Singh, a welcome addition to the DroneDJ


Source: dronedj.com