DJI is probably recognised as one of the leading drone manufacturers worldwide, after just having released the stunning FPV, they now come with yet another specialised high quality drone for you to enjoy, the DJI AIR 2S.

In this review we will have a closer look at this newcomer in the fleet.

DJI AIR 2S introduction:

The AIR 2S has the traditional looks of the Mavic series, however at 595g it’s located on the ligher side of the DJI drones. At first glance this would be a more traditional light drone for photographers and videographers, but you would be mistaken to think of the AIR 2S as a traditional drone, as it features some extraordinary functions not found on other drones. Let’s take a look at this new fleetmate a bit more closely!

Experienced DJI pilots will certainly know the flight controls and common features of the Mavic series, wether you are flying a Mavic Air, Mavic Pro or newer Mavic 2 series, they all are foldable portable drones, perfect for off the gris use in…