As a result of drone technology, the world of aviation is rapidly changing. Multiple companies are working on eVTOL aircraft that will, in a few years, whisk you over congested urban centers or to nearby cities without the hassle of that full airport experience. But it’s not every day we see a flying car.

If you’ve ever look at an old issue of Popular Mechanics, you’ll have seen concepts for flying cars. Though they didn’t have online metrics in those days (there was no internet), you can bet that those stories picked up a ton of eyeballs. And why wouldn’t they? I mean, think of the convenience if you could have a vehicle that could drive you to the office and fly you safely to a neighboring city?

That vision persists.

The flying cars of old

There were a lot of dreamers in those early days. And a lot of concepts that made it onto the pages of Popular Mechanic, but no further. One of my favorite blogs, which appears to now be dormant, used to be….