It turns out one-take drone storytelling may be actually be a genre. If you liked the viral Bryant Lane Bowling Alley video, wait until you see how the private lives of Singaporeans are peeled away in this surprisingly emotional drone FPV.

It doesn’t have the technical adroitness of the Minneapolis bowling video. But this advertisement for a Singapore insurance company packs a surprising amount of emotional punch in just two minutes. The insurer, NTUC Income, hopes to brand itself as a more caring company with a personal approach to financial planning.

The drone takes us into a housing complex at some really intense moments of life. There’s a funeral, a marriage, a couple starting a new life, and a really touching moment of bonding between what may be a mother and son near the end.

There’s even some exceptionally well-timed toilet humor at the 54-second mark.

Campaign Asia reports the video was in the…