A clever hack on how to make your mini 2 drone to deliver payloads.

The DJI Mini 2 is an impressive piece of hardware. But it doesn’t offer any way to grab objects and drop them somewhere else. If you have a soldering iron and nerves of steel, pilot Everett Bradford shows you how to hack your Mini 2 to deliver payloads.

The Mini 2 does have enough thrust to carry more than its own weight, as you can see in this informal weight test. But fastening your drone to a basket with string just won’t cut it for many operations. And while there are add-ons that will let your drone release objects, they typically require a separate radio transmitter. Bradford figured out how to use the DJI software and controller to drop a payload. And it’s ingenious.

Hack your Mini 2 to deliver payloads

He noticed the software allows a pilot to change the colour of the RGB LED on the front of the drone while in flight. Rather than turn the LED yellow, he figured out a way to use the signal to…