UVify drones – Racing and light shows

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We first met UVify at CES 2018, where we were expecting to see many drones, small drones for children, big drones for professionals and everything in between, and we did! The team at UVify had a big presence on the show floor, and even more so at the Drone Rodeo – they stood out for me and even announced a small drone I didn’t think I’d love, boy was I wrong.

In addition to their Draco racing drones that won awards in previous years at CES, they were showing off their AI efforts and the UVify OOri, a mini drone safe to fly indoors, but also able to hit over 50mph on the race track. That was the beginning of our relationship with UVify, and only a beginning for all the drones they now offer. Let’s see all the machines that UVify has to offer.

Update 2021: UVify is finding great success in the light show industry. You’ll find some examples down below. While that side of the business continues to grow, they’ve reduced their efforts on the consumer drone market. You can…