How to build your very own LEGO Ingenuity mini-figure

Early Monday morning NASA’s Ingenuity took its first flight into the Martian atmosphere. This marks the first powered flight on another planet 118 years after the Wright brothers took their first flight here on Earth. You can celebrate the occasion by building your own Ingenuity out of LEGOs!

This week LEGO shared a design of Ingenuity to celebrate the historic first flight. The design was actually originally made by an avid LEGO builder named Curt Quarquesso from New York City. He designed this figure for a German TV program in celebration of the launch of Mars 2020 last year.

The mini-figure stands roughly 3 inches tall and took Quarquesso about a day to design and build the figure. We asked Quarquesso about what he hoped would come of his design now that LEGO has shared it with the world. “I hope that people build their own, and most importantly improve on it!” he said. “The small scale of builds like these make it increasingly likely that people actually own the…