Apparent DJI patent filing has distinctive Skydio-like features

The most prolific leaker of DJI information is at it again: @OsitaLV says he’s seen new a DJI patent filing that appears to take a page out of Skydio’s book. He’s got a low-res image to back it up.

@OsitaLV has a pretty good track record of getting the inside scoop, particularly when it comes to DJI. He clearly has some connection inside the company who is willing to share information – and that’s not surprising, given the company has 14K+ employees. Now, @OsitaLV has something new and very different for DJI.

And it appears to take a page out of Skydio’s book.

Tantalizing tweets…

@OsitaLV made a series of three tweets. The first one got our attention:

What if, he seems to be hinting, you combined the best features of the Mavic 2 with a Skydio 2 and an Autel EVO Pro 2? Well, that would be an intriguing combination. But what would make @OsitaLV speculate on a drone that…