A statue of Jesus under construction in southern Brazil will be even taller than its more famous counterpart in Rio de Janeiro. Take a drone tour of Christ the Protector in Encantado, Rio Grande do Sul.

Made of steel and concrete, it will stand 43 metres or141 feet tall — 16 feet taller than Christ the Redeemer in Rio. (For comparison, the Statue of Liberty towers at 46 metres or 151 feet). Christ’s arms extend for 36 metres. Few outsiders likely know the small community of Encantado, home to just 23,000 people. But the mayor is anxious for more tourists and a giant Jesus statue might be just the draw.

Local businessmen believe so, and helped fund the construction. The mayor promises no public money will be spent. The Daily Mail reports the overall budget is two million reals ($350,000 US).

Drone tour of Christ the Protector

The statue already provoked a little rivalry with Rio de Janeiro. Rio’s mayor…


Source: dronedj.com