For some of you out there, it’s decision time. Regular flying season in North America is nearly here (though some in warmer spots fly all year round). And DJI has just released its Air 2S. What to do?

I have a personal interest in this topic. Because, like many of you, I’m considering a new drone purchase. DJI has recently made a couple of intriguing offerings, with its new Air 2S and the DJI FPV drone, released March 2. At the same time, we’re overdue for a refresh on the Pro line. Most of us (myself included) either can’t afford or can’t justify buying two drones in short order.

So let’s evaluate the options.

Air 2S

The Air 2S is, as many of you know, DJI’s latest release. The drone hit the shelves April 15 and is aimed at consumers (and some professionals) who want a lot of features and improved imaging in a really compact package. On that front, the Air 2S delivers. You can read our full review here (and we encourage you to do so, if you haven’t).