DJI Air 2S vs. Mavic Air 2: Difference between the two drones

Mavic Air 2 released last year, met the excitement of the tech community by a good measure. Now, DJI has released the successor to the drone, called the “Air 2S.” It has dropped the Mavic from the name, but the quadcopter doesn’t drop on any features from its predecessor. In fact, it builds on them, and the overall performance of Mavic Air 2. The noteworthy ones being the bump-up in photography and video shooting abilities.

The new drone in the DJI camp is all about bettering what the Mavic Air 2 achieved – of course for a cost and a few niggles to live with. The DJI Air 2S carries a price tag of $999 which goes up to $1,299 if you choose the Fly More package. The Mavic Air 2 on the other hand costs $799. If we speak in overall impression, the Air 2S outweighs the good stuff to the not so good by a long way. For $200 more you get a better performance and features that deem it a worthy bump.

Design and…