This drone photograph of a stunning Iceland road trip won the People’s Choice Award at the British Photography Awards. But if you think this still is amazing, wait until you see the Iceland road trip video.

Hugo Healy is a 25-year-old photographer from Brighton, England. He stitched together four images for this special still. “Having arrived at 3am, in the dark, the daylight slowly emerged until it flooded the scene with golden rays, striking the mountain peaks, creating dramatic contrast. This image has a special light and colour contrast,” he told The Argus.

The photo emerged from a recent road trip he made to Iceland. Healy also made a video of that road trip, and it’s simply not to be missed.

Stunning Iceland road trip video

When it comes to great locations for drone photographers, we all know by now that Iceland stands out as one of the best on earth. But Healy took it to new heights.