As part of our ongoing series on different types of FPV, this week we’re looking at FPV drone racing.

Drone racing is one of the more widespread types of FPV. After all, the term “racing drone” is more common than the term quadcopter. Especially when somebody outside of the hobby attempts to describe our 5-inch FPV quads. But racing isn’t exclusive to the regular five inch. It comes in all shapes and sizes. From tiny indoor micros, all the way up to 18-inch X-class quadcopters. There’s even fixed wing FPV racing.

Since racing is a discipline of many sub disciplines (types), instead of rounding up videos, I’ll do a roundup of the various kinds of FPV drone racing. We’ll start small and work our way up.

Whoop racing

The main thing that sets whoop racing apart is the scale. This is as small as it gets and as safe as it gets. Being this small means you don’t need much space to set up a racecourse. And your racecourse can take better advantage of the space….