HoverGames: Round 2 Finalists

NXP’s HoverGames 2 was an interesting drone competition because of its approach and scope. Many robot competitions pit teams against each other by trying to outperform each other in specific tasks or going head-to-head, which tends to make a mess when dealing with flying objects.

The task for HoverGames 2 participants was to enhance the capabilities of the drone platform from the initial HoverGame competition. Building a quadcopter from the kit is a trivial exercise that even a five-year-old can do, or at least help with. Programming the drone to do something useful is much harder. As they say at the Olympics, it’s not as easy as it looks.

HoverGames 2 also took a collaborative approach so that teams could share their drone and provide feedback to each other. The scoring took into account the interaction with other teams. Given my background in science and robotics competitions, I can tell you that this is now easy task from an implementation and judging aspect.