If you liked the Mavic Air 2, you’re going to love the Air 2S. It’s a substantial improvement on what was an already-great drone.

If you’re looking for a package that has pretty much everything at a reasonable price, this may well be the ticket for you. DJI has packed a lot of upgrades into this drone, including a significant boost to camera specs, sensors and automated features. It weighs in at 595 grams, so you’ll need to register it in North America (and some other countries).

It won’t be for everyone, but at $1299 for the Fly More Combo and $999 for the basic drone kit, it has a lot to offer.

Oh, for those of you who had plans to buy more than one, you’ll be out of luck. DJI’s site says: “Due to limited new product availability, each customer can only purchase one unit. Additional orders after one unit have been purchased will be cancelled.”

With this drone, however, one is enough.

The ‘Big Picture’

This drone can take one, with its 1″ CMOS…


Source: dronedj.com