Almost as soon as the Air 2S hit the market, people were asking the inevitable question: How will it do in the tracking department? Specifically, will it track as well as the Skydio 2? Someone has already done an excellent job of investigating this, so let’s hop on for the ride.

The new Air 2S has a ton of great features going for it. Its new 1-inch CMOS sensor ups the game considerably when compared with the Mavic Air 2, and it has additional obstacle avoidance sensors and an upgraded version of the APAS Advanced Pilot Assistance Software to aid in obstacle detection and avoidance. Sounds great on paper, but how does that translate into the real world?

Let’s find out.

DJI vs. Skydio

The Air 2S is $999. The Skydio 2 is $999. Both claim great obstacle avoidance and superior tracking abilities.

The obvious question, of course, is which one is better at doing this? Specifically, tracking a moving object while avoiding obstacles? That’s a very good question, and people…