Never been to a drone race? Plan on entering one? You’re in the right place. Here are five tips about going to a drone race. Whether you’re a first-timer or seasoned racer, these will all apply.

Continuing the focus on racing this week, today we’re talking about some things you should know about if you’re just getting into all of it. These came to mind while I was at the race event last weekend. Race events are organized differently depending on where you’re from so some of these things might seem trivial or not apply to races in other places, but some will be universal. I’ve got a few more tips in mind that apply to the intermediate racer, but we’ll talk about those next time.

If you’d like to read up about that race and see what it looked like firsthand, you can do that here. Without further ado:

1. Use a good, clean VTX setup

Don’t use cheap VTXs if you want to race. This is the most important one for beginners – to the extent that most races put a…