Parrot, the French drone manufacturer, has partnered with Israel’s High Lander, a company known for its exceedingly smart drone fleet automation software.

We’ve seen a live demo of High Lander’s Mission Control platform. And while we didn’t see all of its many features, what we did see was very impressive: A system that allows a pilot to remotely program and execute a mission – even involving multiple drones – from a remote location that could be virtually anywhere on the planet. It also integrates with other data to ensure there’s no conflict with manned aircraft in the mission area.

So it’s a powerful tool.


Now, it has teamed up with drone manufacturer Parrot to enable fleets of Parrot ANAFI USA and ANAFI drones to fly safely and remotely, all dispatched and monitored using the High Lander system. This means a single person could be sitting at a laptop hundreds – even thousands – of kilometers away from the mission site and still have…