A new video showcasing video shots by the new Air 2S has leaked, one day prior to the official release. Let’s take a look.

There’s no doubt this is an official DJI promo video. Why do we say that? Well, like nearly all DJI promo videos, it features great shooting, exotic locales, and good-looking young people. Seriously: Have you ever seen just an average-looking person? But that’s all cool, we get it. And we’re more interested in seeing the footage anyway.

As you might expect, it looks pretty nice.

A cozy trip with a drone

This promo tells a story. A young couple, getting ready for an adventure camping trip. They pack up all their stuff, saving the Air 2S for last. And then they’re on the road, looking indescribably happy. Now, we have to wonder if the guy is really paying enough attention while flying the drone outside the passenger window at one point, but that’s a moot point.

We’re here for the footage. And so are you:


Source: dronedj.com