According to well-known (and trusted) leaker @OsitaLV, we have more info to report on DJI’s Air 2S. The machine will shoot 5.4K resolution with its 1-inch CMOS sensor.

Anticipation is building over the impending launch of the DJI Air 2S. The leaks have been building, the forums have been yakking, and there’s a lot of anticipation around the launch of the replacement to the Mavic Air 2. That drone was immensely popular and has a lot of fans, despite certain drawbacks with its 1/2-inch sensor. And that’s why news that this drone will shoot 5.4K and comes equipped with a 1-inch sensor has a lot of people excited.

Let’s check out the latest:

DJI’s Air 2S 5.4K

Ahhh… what would drone websites do without @OsitaLV? Well, here at DroneDJ we still have our own sources and break stories. But we have to give credit where it’s due, and @OsitaLV is consistently the most credible and regular source of DJI leaks for many in the business.

Today, @OsitaLV is Tweeting again. His…