Parrot launches Bug Bounty program to keep its drones secure

French drone manufacturer Parrot has announced its new bug bounty program in partnership with the European crowdsourced security platform YesWeHack. The company will have access to the platform’s community of cybersecurity researchers to find any vulnerabilities in its drones, mobile applications, and web services.

The bug bounty program will take place in two phases. The first is a private program only open to a select few of YesWeHack’s security researchers and will focus on current and future drone models. Once the researchers have found any vulnerabilities, the program will enter phase two.

Phase two is a public program, allowing anyone in the YesWeHack community to get the chance to test Parrot’s security. This phase will only occur once the products have been commercialized, ensuring there is no data leaked ahead of time.

While phase one consists of the best cybersecurity researchers, phase two could have more than 22,000 cybersecurity researchers…