verified member

Hi Dronestagram friends,

Did you know that with the new version of Dronestagram, you can now become a Verified Member?

What are the perks?

Being a Verified Member on Dronestagram gives you access to the following benefits:

  • A better exposure on the site thanks to your badge
  • The ability to post your photos directly without having to wait for moderation
  • One of your photos featured for several days as a cover photo on the site’s homepage
  • (soon) Be listed in a leaderboard of Verified Members, whose publications will also be highlighted

How to become a Verified Member?

  • Publish beautiful, original, spectacular and unique photos
  • Photos must not contain any logo or watermark
  • Categories must be chosen with care, no more than two categories per photo
  • Ditto for tags.
  • Very important: images are not everything, they must also be accompanied by a pretty dense text that describes the photo and tells its story

The attribution of a “Verified Member” badge is handled manually, we take time to select the best ones, it’s up to you!