what aerial images sell best

Image: HOsiHO, used with permission

Drone photographers making a living with their art have to have talent – and a good understanding of the market.  Professional photographer Sami Sarkis, the artist behind stock image platform HOsiHO, gives DRONELIFE the deep dive on what aerial images sell best – right now.

Current Events

HOsiHO customers are willing to pay for high quality aerial images, but they can have very specific needs.  While there are some aerial images that are perpetual best sellers, others are unique to the current news cycle.  Drone photographers who can produce these specific types of images will find ready buyers:  “Right now, after one year of the pandemic worldwide situation, many TV producers and journalists are in need of stock footage of the lockdown cities – most often the major cities from all around the world,” Sarkis explains. “That’s why we often issue specific search requests for aerial images of cities that we don’t yet have in…


Source: dronelife.com