We don’t know how we missed this video, but based on the view count we’re not the only ones. Thankfully, DJI gave it a bump today on social, and we’re happy to share in that amplification.

It’s always great when a drone video rolls around that really bends the rules. We see some pretty phenomenal videos here at DroneDJ, and like nothing more than to share them with a wider audience. In this case, it’s a video that was first posted back in January of 2020. When we tuned in today, it had a mere 420 views.

Let’s see if we can change that.

Elastic Studio

That’s the name of the YouTube channel, and the creator – Elastic Studio – is based in Switzerland. The company specializes in creative brand design. And while much of its online portfolio revolves around that portfolio (which is great), there’s also some drone work. Great drone work.

The video that really caught our attention is one called Duality, which layers a series of scenic shots in an unusual way:…


Source: dronedj.com