As things continue to escalate in Yemen, Saudi-led military forces have announced they have taken down Houthi armed drones and destroyed explosive-packed boats.

The news was reported by Saudi Arabian state media on Sunday, sharing that the armed forces had destroyed two boats that planned on attacking the country via the Red Sea port of Hodeidah, killing many and grinding transport in the area to a stop.

It was also reported that two armed drones flying toward Saudi Arabia were also intercepted and destroyed before destroying or killing anyone as the drones have previously done.

Last month a Houthi attack drone punched a hole in the side of a parked Saudi airliner. The plane was parked at the previously attacked Abha regional airport when four drones reportedly made their way to the airport. One of the drones targeted the plane, punching a fairly large hole in the side of it.

The news of the attack was shared by state media showing off the damaged aircraft, which is only…