FAA No Drone Zone balloons

It can be overwhelming to look through a full list of drone rules and regulations. I want to assure you that the rules can be easy to follow, that you can get out and have some fun. For today, however, let’s talk about the places that you cannot fly. We call these no-fly zones, but the FAA likes the term “no drone zone.”

This is a partial list of restricted airspace in the United States, please check all the applicable property rules in your area, as well as check what FAA airspace rules exist in your area.

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Who is in control of the sky?

Who is in control of the sky?

First of all, I want to say a few things about the laws of the sky. The FAA is in control of airspace. The FAA is in control of ALL airspace. Yes, all of it, the entire country and more. Your local community, city, county, state and even the federal government has no authority over the sky. (We are ignoring that the federal government has authority over the FAA, but that’s…


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