The Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole (BCP) Council plans to use drones to fight back against the expected surge in litter after COVID-19 lockdowns finish later this summer. The drones will track the amount of litter and inform workers of the most affected areas.

The council has partnered with McDonald’s, which is funding it, and Hubbub as it plans to tackle the issue of littering head-on. When the first lockdown eased in June, thousands of people left their houses and hit the beach and local parks. The council expects numbers to be even larger this time around as many will want to get out while they still can.

The council shared in a statement:

Cutting-edge technology will identify and categorize individual pieces of litter, to give unprecedented insight into what types of litter are being dropped where and when.

Live litter maps will also be created from the drones’ data, allowing the council to proactively remove trash and litter before it becomes a problem and…