Things to know before you fly

The rest of this article explains the above items, let’s dive in.



When we got our first drone, we immediately took it outside and took to the sky. Moments later we were rescuing it from a tree. We have learned a lot since then, logging many hours of flight and acquiring our Part 107 license, that’s the FAA Remote Pilot Certificate with a sUAS rating. In other words, we have our drone pilot license, we went through a bit to get it, and we’ve learned plenty more since then.

We are designing this article to be your road map to drone training. We’ll point you toward the info and resources you need to take off, both for fun in your backyard or for your new drone business. We’re just getting started, be sure we’ll add more and more info as the year rolls on.

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We want to help you become a better drone pilot. We can talk about some of the basics, and our experience passing the test to get our Part 107 drone certificate,…